Aqua-Pure AP902 Water Filter System Review

Aqua-Pure AP902 Water Filter System ReviewAs a medium priced option, the Aqua-Pure AP902 Water Filter System is a good way for large families to get into the exciting water filter market without exploding their wallet. It is an easy to use system that doesn’t require a lot of overhead, and once installed is simple enough for even a novice to get used to.

It is a powerful unit that is capable of reducing sediment down to 5 micron nominal, giving buyers the best of both worlds when it comes to clean drinking water and protecting against staining. Reducing contaminants just got a whole lot easier with this setup, and it is small and light enough to be handled by one person.

This highly reviewed water softener shouldn’t be overlooked due its lack of advanced features, but should be celebrated due to its simplistic and approachable form.

Aqua-Pure AP902 Water Filter System Overview

Brand Notoriety

3M Purification Inc. is the manufacturer of this fine device, and the company was formerly known as CUNO incorporated. They are a worldwide company and has outstanding reach in the industry, with several webpages dedicated to specific regions and points in the market.

The news portion of their sites are up to date, so the company is active along with their many partners. Founded in 1902 as a small mining venture, they steadily grew into the powerhouse company that they are today. 3M Purification Inc. is responsible for over 60,000 products that are used in business, home, schools and hospital settings. Company growth has it spread out to 70 countries that they have operations in, 200 countries with sales and a continued growth as profits and innovation continue to rise.

Some of the more recent notable successes of the company include in 2013 when they topped $30 billion in sales worldwide, in 2014 when they were named to the Dow Jones Sustainability index for the 15th year in a row and how they received their 100,000th patent. This is as established a company as you can buy from, and they continue to get bigger.

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Best Features

A sweat in place installation is possible due to the non-corrosive stainless steel head. It’s a painless install process that can be handled by a user of any skill level without the need for professional help. System materials are FDA CFR-21 compliant, and with the high flow rate consumers are guaranteed 20 gallons of filtered water per minute.

The included cartridge is replaceable and can be twisted off when it needs to be replaced, meaning that it takes mere minutes to replace a cartridge with the new one. Chlorine taste and odor are minimized thanks to the carbon filter media, a component that buyers will come to love as they get familiar with it. Unrestricted flow is provided through the 1 inch NPT connection which is idea for large homes and light commercial applications.

Since the cartridge is twist off, no tools are required and it’s one of the more sanitary designs in all of the market. The entire unit is only 9.1 pounds with dimensions of 25.1×4.5×4.5, so make sure to plan for space accordingly. But due to how small a space this requires, it will be fine in all homes.

Worst Features

It doesn’t filter coliform, which may be a big issue for buyers that were looking for that feature. Although it does filter out particles associated with lime, it will only capture larger particles. Because of that stains that were already in the bathroom or on appliances may remain rather than slowly going away like with other solutions. The key to what particles it will filter is that they have to be 5 micro or larger, meaning anything smaller is free to roam about.

But keep in mind things smaller than 5 micro can add up just as quickly as the larger particles. If you don’t have a backup filter ready to use for when the unit needs the filter replaced, the flow will slow down and there’s little that can be done except to replace the filter. This is a headache for users that don’t have backup supplies of filters, yet have a full household.

Best Comparison

The APEC Whole House Sediment Water Filter comes pretty close in features, but the biggest attraction is the price. It has the same low maintenance and quick install time of the aqua, meaning that changing filters takes minutes and doesn’t require the user to get their hands dirty.

Where the Aqua-Pure AP902 beats the pants off of this item is with the difference in filter strength. The APEC has a weak 30 micron sediment filter that is one of the worst in the industry. Even with a similar feature set and lower price, the Aqua is definitely the better choice between the two.

Personal Opinion

Even though there are filters that get less than 5 microns, it is still one of the industry’s best, and very hard to beat. The only way you’re going to get better performance is by spending significantly more money, and the gains will be minimal for most. At the current price there are few that are better, and as user friendly as this model. Along with the great product users will get customer support and a solid warranty from a company that has been in business for years and is still going strong.

That is a complete package that many should be well aware of, especially if they have had a water softener before and have had experience with things going wrong. The replacement filters are pretty reasonably priced and easy to remove and put on, in an effortless system that was built from the ground up for all users. A smallish size and design means buyers can get creative when it comes to placing this unit in the home, leading to a lot of user made designs that maximize space and creativity. Just make sure to have a backup filter ready for when the old one goes out, and all will be well.

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Price Changes Since Release

Since the release the actual system has gone down steadily but has stayed firm for a while now. The replacement filters however have gone down by a bunch, and occasionally dip to a level where users buy them in bunches. So although the main unit itself will probably maintain itself at the mid-price point, the filters are where the savings really occur.

Don’t be afraid to stock up on replacement filters if you purchase this system, especially since operating with an expired one will reduce the water flow.


There are plenty of water softeners that are a little more on the advanced side that you could purchase, but just because they offer modern features doesn’t necessarily mean they are better choices. Not only will users get top brand name coverage, they will get a proven product that has all of the necessities required for a fully functioning, reliable water softener.

This product will last for years with little maintenance, and avoids the headache drills of some other water softeners that are highly regarded on the market. Not only is this item a safe bet for the new water softener consumer, but it’s also great for accomplished owners of water softener products.