Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews and Comparison

Whether using a countertop water filter for the home or for traveling it is an essential little device to have if you want filtered water. The painless installation of these units make them a popular little attachment for those that want delicious filtered water. Below is a list of the some of the leading counter water filters available.

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Brondell H2O+ Pearl Countertop Water Filter System

Best Countertop Water Filter ReviewsSecond on the list is this interesting little system, a small low priced and low profile unit that uses a power carbon block to do its filtration. It won’t win any design awards but it has a very nice and simple look to it, as the company took a minimalistic design when creating it. One downside is that the filter only lasts 6 months, so maintenance costs are slightly higher when compared to others on the list. The costs of the filters are still low, but it would be nice if they last a year like the other products on the market. Leaving out pull out or pull down faucets, with the included adapters it is compatible with 99% of all faucets, so this item would be for buyers that don’t want to take changes on an incompatible countertop filtration system. When the filter does run out of juice, it has an automatic indicator so you know when to replace it. This is a WQA certified products with a 1 year limited warranty from date of purchase. This is probably the most compatible unit on the list, so it’s still a good choice even with a shorter filter life.

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Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System

Best Countertop Water Filter ReviewsThis white countertop water filtration system is a low priced offering from Home Master, famous for their strict guidelines when creating their filters. Their three stage filter can remove up to 93% of chlorine, fluoride and other harmful chemicals found in tap water. Using a clean and user friendly design, it is small and compact enough that it won’t detract from kitchen décor. On even the smallest sink tops you’ll be able to find space for this marvelous little system. This little unit was also built for traveling, so you can pack it up just as easily and bring it with you on road trips, factoring in that it is small enough to even fit in a purse. It only weighs 4.2 pounds with dimensions of 12.3×9.4×7.6 inches. Backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee, consumers will be pleased with the level of support they receive for the product. Based on its size the filters are also smaller meaning that they only last every 500 gallons or three months. This is acceptable due to the portability, and doesn’t take any points away from how efficient this little unit is. This is a top 5 product that everyone should look at, especially if you are looking at making a purchase from this list.

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Brondell H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System

Best Countertop Water Filter ReviewsAs one of the higher priced items on the list, the Brondell H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System is a high end solution that really knocks it out of the park in the features department. Using a 3 stage filtration system with Nanotrap technology this little thing gives filtration strength that is comparable to bigger under the counter filtration systems. The benefit of this particular beast is that it can fit on the countertop and has an incredibly pleasing design, looking like a slim line computer to be exact. Using an easy to depress push button dispenser means you have one handed access to fresh water 24/7, all without having to wait. This is the best looking and most powerful item on this list, which is why it comes with the associated cost. This WQA certified product has great compatibility with the included adapters and fits 99% of all kitchen faucets that don’t have the removable spray head. The 1 year limited warranty is icing on the cake to this great product that comes highly recommended if you want a complete countertop water filtration system. This is the one to buy if you want to go all out and get the best of the best.

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New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System

Best Countertop Water Filter ReviewsLast on the list is another high priced powerful system, only this one maintains the portability that the others had, while still incorporating powerful features. Get water contaminants away from your water with this foolproof filtration system that guarantees fresh and pure drinking water each and every time. The compatibility isn’t as high as other items at the start, but conversion kits are available to raise the compatible faucets. This would have been better included with the initial purchase rather than separately. Filter replacement is every year or every 1,500 gallons, so it will last a good bit before you need to replace it. That alone is a high point for this system, as many on the list have shorter filter lifespans. Unique to this product is that after it filters out the bad minerals, good minerals like potassium, magnesium and some fluoride are left behind so you still get the health benefits while drinking your pure water. Doubters can try out the unit for 30 days with their money back guarantee, and if they’re satisfied they will have a limited 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. As the last item on the list it is close to the best, but barely misses the #1 spot.

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Countertop Water Filter for Healthier Water by BluPure

Best Countertop Water Filter ReviewsBluePure introduces this low priced countertop water filter that changes regular tap water into delicious drinking water of the purest quality. Minerals and other harmful contaminants are reduced greatly thanks to a smart filter that catches the worst elements and zaps them on the spot. This NSF certified 100% BPA free unit comes with a cartridge that lasts up to 1 year, with additional cartridges having a very reasonable cost. This is important, as you don’t get priced gouged with overly expensive cartridges. As with all over the counter systems, it only takes minute and doesn’t require any special tools to set up. Save the number for the plumber for another job, because this one will be done by you in no time. With a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year limited warranty, customers have nothing to worry about with the performance of this item. This is a no risk product that has high reviews from both consumers and the industry. As the first system to be reviewed on this list, it is a great product that will surprise you if you decide to purchase it.

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iSpring CKC1C Countertop Water Filter

Best Countertop Water Filter ReviewsComing in at an ultra-low price is this iSpring model that has an innovative clear see through design. It’s a fascinating process to watch up close, and is probably one of the better designs on the list by far. The aggressive filter removes all types of harmful elements from the water including rust, sediment, sand and even silt. By doing that it removes bad odors and taste from drinking water making it much more palatable for individual users. That chlorine aftertaste that many have come to hate won’t be a problem anymore thanks to the powerful inbuilt filter. Like the last system this one is also portable, and can go with you anywhere where it can be plugged into a faucet. The skinnier shape of the model means it can be hidden away wherever you please, as it comes out to one of the smaller water filters on the list at 3.6 pounds and dimensions of 5x5x12. It wouldn’t be out of the question to call it tiny, but it is just as powerful as any other on the list. Another great addition to the list, this works great as a travel and home countertop water filter.

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Best Countertop Water Filter Buying Guide

Why Would You Buy These?

Out of all the water filtration methods, this is the easiest all in one solution. Since most of the items on the list can be unplugged in seconds and carried along on a trip to another place that has unfiltered water, it becomes as valuable as having your wallet on you. Having access to fresh water wherever you go puts you at an advantage that a lot of people every day miss out on. The entire process is a simple one, and you can be set up in minutes wherever you bring it with you. With the low prices and abundant features, there really isn’t a reason to not own one of these countertop water filters.


The list is vast, but that just shows how many great choices there are in the field. People should be amazed at how easy it is to filter water, and how these powerful devices can even be carried in a purse. With that in mind there is no reason you should be without filtered water at all times, and this list gives you plenty of reasons why you should own a countertop filtration system.