Best Whole House Water Filter Reviews

Before water softeners there were whole house water filters, and they still sell at a rapid pace even in a water softener dominated market. The biggest draw with these systems are the simple installation and low maintenance costs. Even a consumer that has never installed a plumbing appliance before can install a whole house water filter without any problems. The biggest thing to change the water filter industry was the modernization of the actual filters, which became so easy to change that the prices went down tremendously as the market grew.

Besides getting a bigger percentage of unwanted materials out of water, new age filters are easy to install and very cheap in cost to maintain. A good filter last at minimum 1 year once installed, and depending on the water usage of the house, it can last even longer. Along with some extra innovations on the filter end there was also higher flow rate systems being pushed out to the industry that further lowered costs and made owning a whole house water filter even more attractive than it was previously.

This is a complete list of some of the best whole house water filters available and why you should consider purchasing one.

Whole House Water Filter
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Home Master HMF2SDGC
  • Color: White
  • Feature: 100,000-Gallon capacity
  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 14.2 x 12.9 inches
  • Weight: 32.1 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty - parts

Whole House Water Filter
  • 3.5 Customer Rating
  • Color: White
  • Feature: 6 stage filtration
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Whole House Water Filter
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Watts WH-LD
  • Color: White
  • Feature: 50 micron sediment filter
  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.5 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 4.47 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Whole House Water Filter
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Aquasana
  • Color: Blue
  • Feature: One million gallons or 10 years
  • Dimensions: 9 x 46 x 44 inches
  • Weight: 41.7 pounds
  • Warranty: 10 year warranty

Whole House Water Filter
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Culligan WTR Filter HF-360A
  • Color: Blue
  • Feature: Pressure Range is 30-125 PSI
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 3.65 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

Whole House Water Filter
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • 3M Aqua-Pure AP903
  • Color: Blue
  • Feature: 20 gallons of filtered water per minute
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 27 inches
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Home Master HMF2SDGC Whole House 2 Stage Water Filtration System

Best Whole House Water Filter ReviewsAt the high end of the retail prices is this Home Master product that supports 1 inch ports to give you the most out of you water pressure. Lucky consumers will enjoy 15 gallons per minute due to this small change, which will be a remarkable difference if they are coming from other systems. Enjoy filtration down to 1 micron with the dual gradient density sediment filter that not only catches and zaps everything in sight, but is also replaceable after 100,000 gallons. For a family of four that is a full year of clean water throughout the entire house, an incredible value if you factor in the costs. With a rate of up to 95% of chemicals, contaminants, chlorine and other sediments removed, it functions as one of the powerhouses on this list when it comes to removing unwanted things from your water. You’ll spend a lot less time maintaining the unit compared to older models because of the oversized filters. Besides an increased flow rate, the materials have been upped in quality to accommodate the high flow rate change. This is a nice start to the list, and a good whole house water filter to add to your credit card bill.

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CRYSTAL QUEST® Whole House Triple 20″ x 2.5″ Water Filter System

Best Whole House Water Filter ReviewsBuyers looking for the ultimate in filtration need to look no further than this medium priced 7 stage filtration system. Besides having a lovely retail price it also provides 160,000 gallons per filter, which is 60,000 more than the previous item. Enjoy a process that was built with over 30 years of information gathering, all to create this cool and effective filtration process. It is one of the most thorough filtration processes on the list, and it gets rid of lead, copper, aluminum, silt, sediment, cyst, and other harmful materials found in water. The process is a tad bit slower, but nothing noticeable, even for a high volume household. Users that have a well will be particularly interested in all of the contaminants it gets out, since with well water you want the most thorough filter to keep from letting bad things through the final process. The filter replacements are of average price, so they don’t double dip with the customers when it is time to replace the filter. For a good complete whole home water filter, this does an excellent job getting you the best water possible.

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Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System

Best Whole House Water Filter ReviewsAs the first low cost item on the list, the watts system is actually ultra-low cost and probably the lowest you can go for a whole home water filter system. This incredibly priced item reduces dirt, rust and sediment. The built in bypass valve is a big plus in such a small package, and becomes more useful as you get used to the product. The included wrench works well with the product when you need to change the filters, and amazingly the product comes with 3 filters for you to use. This is an NSF tested and certified water filtration system, so buyers can purchase with confidence. The deal seems too good to be true, but it is actually a maximum value purchase that shouldn’t be passed up for buyers that want a simple solution. If you’re new to installing a whole home system, the helpful customer support is available online and on the phone, and there are also several install videos that will be able to guide consumers step by step in the process. This is a can’t beat value that easily peaks in the top 5 on this list as the best whole house water filter.

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10-Year, 1,000,000-Gallon Whole House Water Filter with Pro Install Kit

Best Whole House Water Filter ReviewsComing out as one of the highest priced items on the list, this great product is unique in that once installed it handles up to 10 years of continuous use or 1,000,000 gallons of water. That is the longest on the list by miles, and it shatters any filter life for any other model on the list. Things however may get confusing when customers have to opt for which set they want which can be the original 10 year filter + Pro kit, 10 year salt-free softener + filter, 10 year salt free softener + filter + UV, and the optional 4 year chloramines filter and 6 year filter system add-ons. It is a lot to take in and will be a big load of information for new customers, but the system is very well worth the trouble of reading about it. It exceeds NSF standards and removes 97% of all chlorine and all without requiring salt, electricity or back flushing. The filtering process is so strict that it even enhances the air quality by preventing chemicals that vaporize with steam from water. This is a top 5 product, in all of its iterations and extras. Customers should look into the options available and choose the best one for their current situation, keeping in mind that even in the cheapest of the versions will contain filters that last longer than anything on this list.

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Culligan HF-360A Whole House Sediment Filter Clear Housing

Best Whole House Water Filter ReviewsGetting back to the ultra-low cost of the price scale is this innovative clear housing whole house water filter that is small but powerful enough to reduce scale particles, rust silt dirt and even sand from your water system. When changing out the cartridge there is a shutoff valve at the top for easy access so there are no accidents. This is a little different than normal shutoff valves and the company went through the trouble of patenting it since it got so many rave reviews. As far as which filters it can use, this little thing has the capability to accept several of different types as long as they follow standard cartridge guidelines. This means that customers aren’t locked into buying one type of cartridge and can price shop for the cheapest one in their budget. In-line installation is set for ¾, so if you want the full untethered water flow offered by a 1 inch connection you will have to spring for a fitting. A ginormous 5 year warranty accompanies the product, so this is indeed of the highest quality and supported by the company. With the high compatibility rate with other replacement cartridges, along with the great design and low price, this is in the top 5 without a question.

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Aqua-Pure AP903 Water Filter System

Best Whole House Water Filter ReviewsLast on the list is the medium priced water filter system from 3M Aqua Pure, with a non-corrosive steel head that promises to be one of the easier installations you ever have to manage. This also comes in handy if you want a long-term product which has parts that won’t degrade harshly over years of use. Both chlorine taste and odor are reduced greatly through the CFR-21 compliant filter and materials. High flow consumers can expect 20 gallons of filtered water a minute, and when the time comes to replace the cartridge it is as simple as twisting it off and twisting the new one on. So a painless install, and also a painless way to replace the used up cartridges all in one unit. If you want to mount the system it comes with a mounting bracket that is also an easy setup. Weight of the system is only 7.5 pounds with manageable dimensions of 6x6x27 inches to give you a bit of room when deciding where to put it. This is a pretty decent buy although it doesn’t stand out on the list, but if you need a nice and easy installation and maintenance then this is an awesome choice.

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iSpring WKB32B Three Stage 20-Inch Big Blue Whole House Water Filtration System

Best Whole House Water Filter ReviewsThe high priced iSpring system leaves no features to the imagination, as they threw in everything including the kitchen sink with this model. Jumbo filters were added to the design to increase flow rate in the final product, and as a result there will be less maintenance issues to worry about. The purification process removes up to 95% of rust sediment, chlorine heavy metals, VOCs and other harmful contaminants that plague drinking water. Even the taste and the odor of water are improved greatly with this system. With a capacity of 100,000 gallons per filter, this NSF certified product can also guarantee up to 15 GPM. A durable housing wrench for install the system is included, so there are no special tools needed on your end to get this up and running. System capacity is capped at a high 500 gallons per day at 50-60 PSI. The company is serious about their product and offers free tech support even before the sale is made, and afterwards you can still enjoy the same great support. This was a nice model to include on the list, and although it has similar features to the rest, it stands out due to the company’s stellar technical support.

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Whole House Water Filter Buying Guide

Whole House Filters VS Water Softeners

They both do a great job of getting out the contaminants in water, but if you want to actually soften the water and get rid of some of the harsher elements that damage your pipes and appliances, then the way to go would be with a water softener. Along with buying a water softener comes the general upkeep costs of putting salt in the unit, back flushing, more involved install methods and even issues with compatibility and space.

If the only thing you are interested in is getting the harmful contaminants out of your water, then there is no need for a water softening unit and you’re free to go with any of the whole house water filters listed above. It’s a real simple choice between the two that has no complicated asterisks at all. The cost will also be a little higher when dealing with water softeners, but that is only because it has that extra function that people want so bad.


Consumers for the most part should ignore the initial price of the system, and not get bogged down with it too much. The reason is that the filter makes a whole house filtration system what it is, and that is the piece you’re going to be purchasing year in and year out. Filters, or Cartridges as they are sometimes called, are both the same thing and have a life of either gallons or time. Whichever it exceeds first doesn’t matter, and at that point and time is when you need to change out the filter.

The cost varies depending on which whole house water filter system you are using, so when you are deciding which unit to buy from this list, the price you should really be factoring in is how much it costs to maintain it with the additional filters. And since you don’t want to wait until the last minute to purchase one, why not consider buying both the unit and an extra filter from the very beginning? Having one on hand will only help you rather than hurt you, especially in a situation where you order the wrong filter and have to return it.

There is a unit on this list that can use filters from other products, so that might be an interesting one to look at if you don’t want to bother too much with the filter hassle. But remember to always factor in the price of the filter rather than focus on the price of the whole house water filter itself. It will save you money down the line when it matters the most in your products lifespan.

Brands or Features?

As tempting as it is to look at brands when choosing a whole house water filtration unit, it’s best to leave the brand out of the picture when making a decision. Brands are less important in water filtration than they are in say something like memory foam mattresses, where brand can be everything. Because of the great way the many brands in the water filtration business carry themselves, there are few untrustworthy names to be wary of when making a decision. This list alone contains multiple brands that are all highly recommended by both the market and several thousands of satisfied customers.

The feature set will make a much bigger difference when trying to decide whether to go with one item over another. With such similar features across all of the systems available, there is usually that one unique feature that stands out and catches a customer’s eye, turning a simple product from a nice choice to a must have. Finding your must have feature in one of the items on this list will go a long way in getting the satisfaction you deserve when making a whole house water filter purchase.


With a nice complete listing of the best whole house water filters available, consumers should be ready to immediately make the decision between what works best for their home situation. There are several water filtration options, but few that are as reliable as a whole house water filtration system. The most novice of buyers can enjoy gallons of pure water per day, and over 100,000 per year. If you factor in the costs savings by itself it will come out to a big chunk of change, especially for consumers that bottle their own water.

If you are looking for a more strict solution to destroying the particles in your water then maybe a salt based water softener would be for you. Funny thing is they are just as simple as whole home water filters, and the prices aren’t bad either. But for buyers that decide to stick with whole house water filters, they are in luck, as they are getting the best of both worlds.