Causes & Effects of Contaminated Water

With so much water available to people, it has become a worldwide problem that something so plentiful is treated so poorly. Water has reacted, and as a result it can be as deadly as any disease or as helpful as any vitamin. How water is treated goes a long way in it being something you want to drink or totally avoid.

Since many green corporations have raised their flag in support, things have gradually gotten better, but there is still a long way to go before contaminated water is dealt with faster than it occurs. The effects are really dangerous, and it can all be prevented from the start.


Causes & Effects of Contaminated WaterSimply put, pollution is the biggest cause of contaminated water. Oceans, rivers, ponds, reservoirs and even lakes are abused and polluted on a daily basis. These are our main sources of water on an earth where 70% is covered in water. The biggest one that is out of most people’s hands is chemical waste by commercial companies that aren’t green.

This has led to a lot of companies marketing themselves as green and helpful to the environment in order to encourage others in the industry to do the same with the limited water resources. When it comes to individuals, products bought at the store and thrown in the water like soda cans and plastics are a heavy source of the contamination in water. Water is a product of its environment, so if the environment is polluted then you will get water that is morphed beyond its normal healthy properties. In third world countries this problem is a lot more serious, like in India or Africa where hundreds of children and adults die due to stomach sickness related to polluted water.

This same problem with polluted water has creeped over to more established countries, and even in suburban areas there have been warnings put out with contaminated water. Since water travels through several places, passing through 1 or 3 polluted areas could make it a very dangerous substance to deal with.


Causes & Effects of Contaminated WaterThings can get complicated when talking about the effects of contaminated water, not because there is some deep science behind it but because there are so many things attached to the possibilities.  The best way to describe the effects of contaminated water is by looking at it through the food chain process. Starting with polluted water, many fish live in this environment are gobbled up by even bigger fish, swimming in the same contaminated environment.

Humans that fish in these same waters catch and eat these same contaminated fish, which even when cooked, have a lot of harmful chemicals in them, albeit now in smaller doses. Remember that some of the substances in water is harmful only in bigger doses, so imagine how it would affect someone on a high protein diet that consumes a lot of fish. Contaminated water also leads to many of the outbreaks of cholera and other diseases. This is not just something that happens in poor nations, but one that is now becoming a worldwide problem.

Overall the effect of contaminated water is at its worst loss of life, and at minimal degraded health. This is not even touching what it does to industrial settings, in which it costs some plants millions of dollars when the repair bill comes in the mail.


Water softeners and water filters are a good way to prevent this problem but it really isn’t the top way. Preventing this problem by reporting plants that are breaking environmental laws is the perfect start.

Governments have taken notice and react quickly to such violations, making the case that the company can clean up its act or find another place to do business. Then on an individual level being wary of how you treat water while you’re out goes a long way in passing along the behavior to others.

A small gesture here or there with your trash could be the first big step for another person, and the world as a whole. So even with the proper equipment to combat this problem, it all comes down to stopping it before it even gets that far to the house. This is where a lot of people fail, and why the problem is getting worse before it gets better.


Hopefully this has given readers a good idea of the cause and effect of contaminated water, and how to better help the environment in producing water that is healthy rather than dangerous. The fix won’t happen overnight, but it is still nice to know that fresh water is possible within normal lifetimes.

Use a water softener or water filtration system as your barrier and you’ll be fine for years to come. The prices are coming down in all of the markets, so there is no better time than now to make a purchase.