Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review – Water Softener Alternative

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Review – Water Softener AlternativeAnother electric water softener enters the market, keeping the low price point that has made them the popular new fad. The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler offers some upgrades over other water softener alternatives, mainly in that it does a better job of emulating the soft water function.

Easy installation that takes a couple of minutes of your time will leave consumers breathless with how easy it is to enjoy a water softening solution that doesn’t take up a bunch of space in your house.

Once installed the unit attacks manganese compounds, calcium, magnesium and other contaminants that contribute to lime scale.

Results can be seen in as little as 24 hours, and with no worries about regeneration or salt buyers can relax and enjoy the benefits of water softener features without any of the hassle.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Overview

Brand Notoriety

The company is very new, so new in fact that many have never even heard of them. This is not uncommon, especially when it comes to electric water softener companies. Thankfully Eddy is one of the more reliable newer company’s in the business, and there are proven testimonials to back them up. Their base website is very basic, though they do have a lot of helpful information about the product. Eddy is sold online only, and there are no brick and mortar distributors available at this time. In an effort to bring awareness to how innovative their products are, they offer a 12 month guarantee on it. The unit itself is manufactured and designed in the UK, and the company can be reached by telephone or email. It would benefit a lot of users to check out the information on the differences between electric water softeners and the traditional ones, and even when listing the cons of their own product, the company doesn’t shy away from it. There are no extra accessories to purchase with the unit, and it operates on a what you see is what you get motto. You’ll get the box, coils, power adapter and instructions.

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Best Features

The design is a lot simpler than other electric water softeners, and it almost looks like a retro electric item. That isn’t a bad thing, as the company opted to keep things as simple as possible since the user won’t be dealing with it while it is operating. If something needs changing, there aren’t any confusing panels or hidden holes on the box to make things frustrating. Not having to use salt is a big plus, and because of that the drinking water tastes better than it would with a salt solution. Also the healthy minerals that are sometimes taken out of the water by traditional softeners are kept intact so you still receive the benefits. The company is so sure of their product they offer a 12 month 100% money back guarantee, and on top of that consumers get a lifetime repair or replace warranty. It is a hard deal to beat, and with the installation not requiring a plumber, it’s also one of the cheapest option available. This small compact unit that weighs only 1.4 pounds can fit anywhere, with dimensions of 6.7×1.6×3.5. It is also a low energy solution, only requiring 5 watts of energy to operate.

Worst Features

There is very little to distinguish it from other more established electric water softeners in the market, even with its up to date features. Soft water emulation may confuse customers, especially since it isn’t really giving you soft water. This has caused a lot of returns from disappointed customers who are used to salt water softeners. If you don’t have an outlet nearby the unit won’t be able to operate, which will be a bigger problem if the place you want to put it is outside. For customers looking to remove spotting and most of the minerals from their water, this unit doesn’t exactly do that, and rather takes an approach of keeping the pipes from clogging up with bigger chunks. The installation isn’t waterproof and will require the customer to take necessary steps to make sure that it is, or end up damaging the device.

Best Comparison

Scalewatcher Small Wonder hard water treatment unit would be their biggest rival, most notably because they are a better known and established company. Name recognition isn’t as big of a problem with Scalewatcher, although both units are priced pretty much the same. Eddy has been more favorably reviewed since its release, and Eddy is also more up to date, although both share the same type of functions. Eddy would win by a hair if going by durability, but it is still close, and when deciding between these two models it will probably come down to brand recognition more than anything else.

Personal Opinion

Electric water softeners are all the rage, and if you’re a customer that has a full understanding that the soft water functions are emulated, then go for it. The painless installation makes it an ideal setup for buyers that can’t touch the plumbing in their particular place. Apartment dwellers also come to mind, since it only needs to be attached to the pipe with the coils and plugged into an outlet it is the perfect solution for someone that just wants a simple soft water fix in a rental. The smaller control panel also works well in situations where the system would be cramped if it was bigger, so this works for big homes as well. There really is no limit to the level of satisfaction a product like this can offer, and it may be a good testing point for someone that wants to try a water softener but not commit to a larger unit. In the end they may end up staying with an electric water softener rather than buying a big salt water solution, since the level of maintenance with these is so low. Add to that the low price and it is a perfect solution for consumers of all types.

Price Changes Since Release

Stock is strong with this item since there are no other models, and as such the price remains the same and won’t change until they introduce a newer model. Since this one is so effective the changes of that happening soon are little to none, so if this is a product you’re interested in it is recommended to just buy it rather than waiting for a deal that won’t come. This is the most recommended electric water softener, and since it is rated so high word of mouth continues to travel about how well it works.

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There is nothing wrong with choosing an electric water softening solution, and if anything it proves that water softeners don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. This technology will continue to improve over the years and newer brands will continue to pop up. There are a lot of people backing this particular model, so the company must be doing something right with their customers. It is a recommended buy, and the stock stays intact so it will continue to be a powerful seller throughout the year. This is the highest rated electric water softener available, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.