Fleck Water Softener Reviews & Guide

Fleck is one of the more recognizable names in the business, so it is no surprise that they usually are at the top of lists when discussing water softeners. Their water softeners are famous for being big, bulky and having modernized digital valves on them for on demand regeneration. On top of that consumers can expect features that actually live up to their expectations, rather than wordy gimmicks.

Fleck units use less salt, less water, and have the highest programmability of any unit on the market. Buyers have the option of being as precise as possible with the settings, or setting it once to take care of itself and then walking away. This level of compatibility with households has made it a fan favorite, and it’s considered one of the higher tier of water softeners you can get. Once again though, these are big units so make sure you have the space to accommodate them.

Fleck water softeners are made for medium to very hard water, and for large households of about 3 or more people. For smaller homes of medium water, there are cheaper solutions available. But if you plan to move to a larger home anyway, then chances are you’ll be better off with this unit so you don’t have to purchase a larger unit after moving. Below are 4 water softener products from Fleck that consumers should give serious consideration to when looking to buy from this brand. They have a proven track record and a great set of features. And if anything does go wrong they have one of the best warranties in the business for both the tanks and the electronic portions. Review the list below and make a choice that will change the bad water in your house into something you can be proud of.

  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • DuraWater Fleck 5600sxt
  • Color: Black
  • Feature: 48,000 Grain
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 150 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

  • 5 Customer Rating
  • Abundant Flow Water WS-48k-91SXT
  • Color: White
  • Feature: High flow, treats high hardness
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 54 inches
  • Weight: 96 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Fleck 7000 SXT (94FL-7000S)
  • Color: Blue
  • Feature: 48,000 Grain
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 132 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

  • 3.5 Customer Rating
  • Fleck 7000SXT
  • Color: Blue
  • Feature: 64,000 Grain
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 grain water softener

Fleck Water Softener ReviewsAs one of the highest reviewed water softeners in the industry, this high priced item is a digital metered, on demand valve system that fits medium and large households. All of the cycles are fully programmable, so buyers can set it to function exactly how they want, and when they want. Color options are almond and black, with the default black being the less liked of the two.

Warranty is 5 years on the head and electronics, and 10 years on both tanks. It is the Fleck default, and has more than proven its weight in gold over the years. Flow rates cap out at a generous 12 GPM, and the unit is so powerful that it can treat water rated moderate to very hard with up to 6 people in the home. This is one of the more powerful Fleck tanks available, and the company doesn’t even try to hide it in their description of it. Dimensions of the brine tank are 14x17x33 while the regular tank is 10×54, so it’s a big boy that needs a little space to fit its weight of 150 pounds.

Once installed consumers will notice a big change in how their water operates, and if you’re a victim of scale build up then expect for the tank to automatically resolve that problem within a couple of weeks. It’s a fast acting tank for larger homes, and the ease of use with the control panel only ups its worth. With the on demand and programmability of the tank in full effect consumers can save both salt and water during each of the cycles, which at the end of the year comes out to a generous amount. If this system is within the budget of the household then definitely go out and make the purchase, as there aren’t many in this price range with this entire subset of features.

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Fleck 9100SXT Dual tank water softener

Fleck Water Softener ReviewsThis is the highest priced water softener on the list, but is also one of the most revered for its incredible power. This beast of a water softener has dual alternating tanks which prevent the system from every running out of soft water. This works well in big households with high water consumption that have had problems with water softeners in the past going through uninterruptable regeneration processes. From the onset this unit handles high hardness but is also the most efficient system on the list when it comes to saving salt and water usage during cycles. Since the system is a little different than the others on the list, consumers should pay close attention to the install instructions that come with it. They are easy to follow, and the setup time is no different than the others on this list. The LCD and touchpad controls are some of the best that Fleck has manufactured as a company, and when users really get used to the system it will be hard for them to go back to something different.

This big boy holds 300 lbs. of salt and is a true 48,000 grain capacity water softener, with no gimmicks with the features. Buyers won’t be angry with being deceived with gimmicks, as this is the real deal and the company can back up all the claims. Flow rate is a maximum of 12 GPM and is the fastest on the list at removing scale and other unwanted minerals from the water in your entire home. This is the best item on the list, but is coincidentally the most expensive item on the list. It is worth the money in every way, and will completely treat a large home of its hard water problem, and all without disturbing the family that is using it. Purchase this is you are tired of some of the regeneration processes of other water softeners.

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Fleck 7000 SXT (94FL-7000S) Meter 48,000 Grain Water Softener

Fleck Water Softener ReviewsThis high priced water softener is also a high flow softener that can handle heavy loads from a large household, and destroys hard water at the point of contact. It’s built from the ground up for very high water usage and higher than average hardness levels, so at its root it is a workhorse. Despite its large size, it’s very easy to install and is labeled as one of the most efficient models on the market. The 7000 valve has been around for a while and is even suitable for light commercial applications, a testament to the power of the unit. Some of the higher end features are the control panel, the double backwash, and connect clips to take the pain off of servicing the unit. When regenerating the Fleck has the ability to bypass itself, meaning that it can send softened water to the household even while regenerating.

This is top notch feature, and one that will sure entice users to consider this purchase over others. GPG capacity is 48 with a maximum GPM of 16. Weight is 132 pounds total with a mineral tank size of about 10×54.  There is the option to get either the tan colored brine tank or the black, with reports showing that the tan colored tank has noticeable better build quality. It may not be noticeable to the naked eye but it is something to look out for when ordering the unit. With the included manual some buyers may notice that it is a little out of date, a problem that can be remedied by going online for the updated version. This is a great buy at the price, and it has the capacity and the features to replace tanks twice its size.

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602abcWATER Metered Water Softener with 1.25″ Fleck 7000 Control

Fleck Water Softener ReviewsAnother high priced solution from Fleck is this 7000 control branded water softener that is capable of handling a peak service flow rate of 28 GPM. This is a nice high GPM, that couple with the 64,000 grain capacity can handle larger homes. The continuous flow rate is still quite high and averages out at 13 GPM. Available colors are black or almond, with the almond cover having a professional looking finish and both being poly lined and fiberglass reinforced. If looking for a larger water softener that is light on salt use then this would be a good bet. Using the programmable options it operates at high efficiency regeneration and minimizes the amount of salt needed, saving you lots of money each year. Consumers have the option of using either sodium or potassium pellets, giving a wide range of buying options when considering this tank as a primary solution.

In some cases the pellets may come out as the cheaper option, and it only takes some small adjustments for the unit to get used to it. Warranty information for Fleck is the standard 5 years on the brine tank, valve control and components with a 10 year on the resin tank. For the original owners, they’ll be privy to lifetime technical support which is a big plus for first time water softener users. This also includes Sunday and Saturday support, 24 hours a day even at peak times. Technical support will come in handy when you need to install the unit, as some of the instructions can be vague at first glance. Also filling the unit is a workout in itself, and is better suited as a 2 man job. These small quirks aside this is a wonderful water softener that will do its set job and more.

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Time Initiated Regeneration

The popularization of Fleck has come with their many on demand systems and mastery of the regeneration process. A smart water softener is 10 times better than a dumb one, so how do you spot the difference between the two? Learn to notice a water softener that offers an on demand option vs. a time initiated one. Although time initiated is a lot better than the manual regeneration process that plagued the earlier water softeners in history, it still has several flaws that keep it from being ideal for a user. In a time initiated regeneration, the unit will refresh its stores based on a set number or days and hours you put into the system. Meaning if you want it to only regenerate every Thursday at 4 a.m., then that is exactly when it will start the process. Some even allow odd days and other programmability, like regenerating every Thursday at 4 a.m. on a bi-weekly basis.

The problem with this is that such a static program doesn’t take into account the amount left in the tank or whether there is high usage at the time. This is criminal in terms of water softener efficiency, and one of the many reasons that people spend a lot of money each year unnecessarily on extra salt. It also destroys one of the main purposes of installing a water softener, which is to save money on the water bill. Besides wasting water and salt, it is a huge inconvenience to the people in the house when the GPM suddenly gets restricted due to an untimely regeneration. A time initiated regeneration is not the best option for the modern water softener, which is why on demand has become so popular.

On Demand Regeneration

Enter on demand to save the day, as well as save you money. In an on demand system regeneration only occurs when the capacity is depleted. This offers the most functionality for a user because it doesn’t just end there with the regeneration, but customers have the option to program the on demand system much like they would the time initiated system. In this way the unit learns how the water is used in the house and adjusts accordingly.

A good example of a functioning on demand system would be one that notices it is running low and needs to do a regeneration, but that water is still high in use. Based on the patterns of how water is used in the home it would wait until the most acceptable moment and then start its regeneration process. In this way it becomes a complete trouble free solution for the user, giving them the most advanced options available for managing their systems. Higher priced units offer a secondary tank that works as a backup, letting the system regenerate while still softening water. So in this way the tank can regenerate on demand when needed and function like normal. These are the most coveted systems in that they work great for high volume households. Softened water will continuously be provided regardless of what the valve is doing.

Shorter Regeneration Times

Some ways that customers have gotten around the longer regeneration times is by buying smaller tanks. It may seem like an absurd solution, but it’s actually very sound when put into practice. Medium sized homes and smaller don’t need large water softener units. The larger the unit, the longer the regeneration time. So by buying a unit with a smaller tank, the regeneration time will be a lot less by comparison to a bigger tank. The downside to this is that a small to medium tank will regenerate a lot more if it is used in a large house, or even in a medium house that uses a large volume of water.

The important thing to remember is not only the size of the house, but how much water the tenants use. A water softener that is constantly in the regeneration process is of no use to anyone, so always get the correct size. There is also no penalty for going with the larger water softener. So if ever in doubt, always go for the bigger size, since there won’t be any drawback in performance. It may cost a little more in the short run, but at the end of the year the savings will be amazing, and you’ll be patting yourself on the back for the correct buying decision. Buying from Fleck in particular will make things a lot easier when making the decision, since their on demand systems and valves are one of the best in the industry.


There are several ways for buyers to go when purchasing a Fleck water softener, but if choosing any on this list then they’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. Fleck makes some of the best products available, and any on this page is a good long-term buying decision for your home. With on demand systems now being all the rage, there is even more reason to make a modern purchase for a water softener and start saving thousands a year. This is even a smart purchase if you own an older water softener, and you’re looking to replace it with a more up to date model that is a lot more efficient. These units don’t break down much and are highly reviewed by both users and the market that they thrive in. Just make sure to choose the correct size for your situation, and always remember that bigger is better than smaller when deciding on a water softener for your home. With a little bit of patience your home will be pushing water like it was brand new.