How Is Hard Water Harmful?

Hard water is very harmful in many ways not only to the appliances and connected pipes, but also to your health. It is high in mineral content, most notably calcium and magnesium carbonates.

This and other harmful contaminants eventually build up and cause harm to both people and home products. Water softeners aim to break up and eliminate these harmful chemicals so that more focus can be put on the water flowing freely without problems rather than it forcing its way through and bringing the extra bulk of the harmful minerals with it.

Using a salt based water softener is the most traditional way to remove the issue, and the come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Most of these are automated, and the more advanced ones even have the ability to learn how you use your water and adjusts accordingly.

There are also water softeners that use electricity and magnets in order to handle the problem, and although this is still considered newer technology, it works really well. It doesn’t do quite a thorough job as regular salt based solutions, but the technology isn’t far behind from being the main solution for consumers that want to get hard water out of their pipes. Below are the two main settings in which hard water is present and how it affects each setting.


How Is Hard Water HarmfulWhen hard water infiltrates a residential setting, it makes consumers spend more money without them even knowing it. Because the minerals in water cling to soap particles, it creates spots, soap scum, bathtub rings and other anomalies that take extra time out of your day to clean. The bigger part of that puzzle is that hard water makes you use up to 8 times more detergent and soap than normal, so not only are you spending extra time cleaning the mess it is leaving behind, but you are also burning through your cleaning products faster than normal in order to keep up with the mess.

For a kitchen that uses mainly glass materials this can be a nightmare as there will be dirty dishes even after washing the dishes. The only way to remove the spots and stains is through hand washing, using the same hard water that caused the dishwasher to malfunction in the first place. Consumers often blame the type of detergent or soap they are using when it is actually the water that is the problem, and has been from the start. Heaters are also susceptible to hard water, and in extreme cases the minerals in the water can end up as a foot thick pile of sludge on the bottom on the water heater. This will not only cause it to be less efficient, but in time it will malfunction and cost you more money-again


How Is Hard Water HarmfulThe industrial setting has it the worst, especially big corporations that handle beverages like Pepsi. If hard water is used in the creation of soda, or any of its contaminants slip in, then it can change the odor or even the soft drinks color. That is why in industry most condition the water before use, which is an even more in-depth process than water softening. In the textile industry the finishing, dyeing and washing sections are greatly affected by hard water, with the ability to affect the feel of fabrics, make fabric so course it can scratch the skin and even develop a bad smell that can’t be taking out of the fabric.

This doesn’t even include the many issues with coloring that happen when hard water enters the equation. In the large cooling towers that some people may see while driving, imagine the effects of hard water on those. The repair cost due to corrosion from hard water can be massive, and although it puts a lot of people to work it also costs the employer a lot of money in the process. There are a lot of unnecessary repairs that go into effect daily all due to hard water where it is not wanted.


The above would be good reasons to avoid hard water, but remember that some of the minerals in hard water are good for you. The problem is that there is more bad particles in hard water than good, so a good water softener to uncomplicated the process is really necessary in order to enjoy the best water for your household. Prices are at an all-time low for water softening solutions, so there is very little reason not to own one.

As the prices continue to drop, the effectiveness of the available solutions begin to rise, marking a big win for the industry as a whole. Go check out some of the available water softeners today and get the best water for your home, before the hard water does the worst to it.