Iron Pro 2 Water Softener Review

Iron Pro 2 Water Softener ReviewAnother notch in Flecks belt comes from this Iron Pro 2 water softener that is one of their high priced models with some of the more modern features everyone has come to love about the company. Both the water softener and iron filter come in one complete unit, with a digital metered valve that is highly effective at getting the correct settings for you whether you need it to work in a smaller home or a larger one. There are optional colors for the tank so it can match the color scheme wherever you store it, a nice little feature for those that like to coordinate. And for the size, it is one of the select few water softeners that can remove hardness up to 75 GPG. Fleck does it again with this model, and continues their long line of excellence built up over the years.

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Iron Pro 2 Water Softener

Brand Notoriety

The large and notable Pentair is the owner of Fleck and all of its products, one of many in the company’s lineup. They have been in the business for over 150 years, so it is no surprise when someone purchases product from them and are very satisfied as a result. They have great customer support that can be contacted by email, an online form, and even through the phone. Of the many services they provide the list includes equipment protection, filtration and process, electronics protection, valves and controls, foodservice, thermal management, flow technologies and aquatics/pools. If it is water related then chances are they have their hands in it somehow, and their up to date website with news and info surrounded the industry is another point in their column. It’s hard to find a more up to date company of this high a profile in the industry that is still making quality product after quality product. The list keeps growing for what they provide, and when it comes to the home sector and water softening, they are considered one of the leaders.

Best Features

Having an all in one system equals less headache for the buyer, and less confusion as well. Everything water softener related is handled through the easy to read digital control panel. The digital metered valve comes with a 5 year warranty, which is very good for an electronic component that deals with water. The unit can handle 64,000 grains and removes iron up to 6-8 ppm range, hardness up to 75 GPG, and takes care of sediment, sand, rust and manganese. It is an all in one solution that many hope for but didn’t think was possible in a unit of this size. The tank has double the warranty of the control panel, and the full 10 years is more than enough to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Included is a trial 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so if for some reason things don’t work out there is no risk to the consumer. A user with basic plumbing skills can install this system, and it won’t be an all-day affair. Regeneration is smart and goes by how the household uses water, so the machine never interrupts your usage when it needs to regenerate.

Worst Features

The size is one of the bigger available, with 200 pounds of weight to deal with when getting it installed. For some households this may require more than 1 person to help with the install of the system so that no one gets hurt. There is a small learning curve when using the machine, so definitely read the manual so that you don’t miss any vital bits. It’s all pretty straightforward, but learning to use some of the more advanced features will require a quick read through. On the pricier side, some buyers may be tempted to spend a couple of hundred less and go for some of the more modern solutions that have a set it and forget it install. If looking at the other products on Flecks line there is a huge drop off in price if one was to go with one of the lesser models, and by doing so they still would get similar results.

Best Comparison

The 10-Year, 1,000,000-Gallon Whole House Water Filter with Pro Install Kit is around the same price and comes without the digital control panel that has made Fleck so famous. Even without the control panel, the Pro Install Kit uses less water and is slightly more efficient than the Fleck. By the same logic, if a user was more comfortable setting his own schedule with regeneration and other settings, then the Fleck is a godsend as he’ll have full control over the unit rather than the unit controlling the water as it sees fit. It comes down to preference, but by most accounts the Fleck is the better choice.

Personal Opinion

Fleck is a trusted company and therefore this product comes with a high recommendation. There are other models in the same line that may cost less, but the extra features and the improvement to the valve makes this a purchase that is worth the risk. If things don’t work out you can always return it for no hassle, but chances are they will work out just fine. Buyers with limited space may want to get the measuring tape out before purchasing this unit, as it is a big boy that will take up some real estate. Some homes may have troubles accommodating a unit this large, at which point it is better to find an alternative solution. The machine works a lot less than other machines and uses less water all thanks to how they set up the regeneration technology. Where the Fleck is superior to other models is that it allows you to even go further and set up your own schedule and settings. Giving full control to the user is both a smart idea and a worthwhile tactic since many have already used water softeners before, and know their preferences.

Price Changes Since Release

Since the original release of the product the price has gone down quite a bit, and settled in over the past year. It is doubtful if it will go down further, but it is already a lot less than what it used to be when it first came out, which is surprising for a Fleck product. Taking into account the other models they have for sale this is one of the better priced ones that has the most up to date features. A possible sale price might come during the Christmas season when they look to push stock, at which point it would really become a bargain.

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This is a great deal, and one that could possibly get better when the price goes down a bit. But even at the current high price it is a wonderful water softener, that when coupled with the trial period is a completely risk free investment. The only thing to lose is time by trying out this unit, and chances are a couple of days with it will completely change your mind about how water softeners should be done. It’s a top tier unit that will have you wanting to purchase more like it for other areas in your life.