Morton Salt Company 34M Wtr Softener Unit Msd34c Water Conditioner

Morton Salt Company 34M Wtr Softener Unit Msd34c Water ConditionerAs one of the more nontraditional water softeners available, this high priced unit is an all in one that does not disappoint when it comes to cleaning the water and making it usable.

It is a modern system with a digital unit so that everything you need is right in front of you on the control panel, in an easy to manage package. Both old and new consumers will be impressed with how well it handles all forms of water and how quickly it softens it to their desired level.

The included manuals have clear cut instruction with how to operate, not that they are needed. This is a big product from an even bigger company so it’s no surprise with how well it functions once installed, and afterwards for years.

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Morton Salt Company 34M Overview

Brand Notoriety

There aren’t any companies as old as Morton Salt, which started in 1848 and has since become one of the better known brands in the world. So it’s no surprise that the salt giant got into the water softening business, and since 2002 when their System Saver water softeners were introduced, they have been going strong since.

Residential offerings consist of culinary salts, water softening, pool salt, snow and ice melters and Epsom salt. Business offerings are food, snow and ice control, packaged ice melters, water, pharmaceutical, feed mixing, general industrial and pool maintenance.

They have their hands in all types of businesses, and it is never a surprise to see their logo on a product or ad. The founder Joe Morton continues to deliver his legacy through the company, not only through the expansions but by the 1922 Morton Aboretum. Coincidentally, Arbor Day was created by Morton’s dad, J. Sterling Morton.

There really is a rich history associated with Morton Salt, and it is passed down to all of their products over the years. Consumers looking to buy from them will be pleasantly surprised with how the company has managed their business for all of these years.

Best Features

On demand regeneration saves both water and salt from being wasted, and prevents the consumer from having to wait for it to finish. If entertaining company it can be a big hassle if your water softener doesn’t know the correct time to regenerate, and can lead to a lot of breaks when you don’t want them.

On demand technology means the unit learns and adapts to your water usage, choosing the best time to perform regeneration so it isn’t disturbing your normal flow. By only regenerating when needed it is one of the smartest water softening units available.

Dimensions are 18.2×13.2×48, so it is a thin upright unit that will fit in the corner if necessary. Weight comes out at about 91 pounds, so a bit hefty but the thin size makes up for it. Besides ease of use the install is a breeze, and it is no more complicated than hooking up a washing machine for the first time.

Besides the auto regeneration consumers can also force it to do a manual recharge, all without messing up any of the settings. It’s a very convenient piece of machinery to set up and forget, and the price is just right.

Worst Features

Corrosion on the board is a possibility, and the replacement is about $100 if not under warranty. This is more than a hassle for someone that is out of their warranty than the other way around, and is an expensive issue if not found out quickly.

Since the control panel handles everything and is the brains of the machine, once that goes then the unit is pretty much useless. It is easy enough to replace once you get the control board, but for some consumers that may not check on the water softener the only way to even know this happened is for it to malfunction in the first place.

The good thing is that corrosion of the board isn’t a normal occurrence, but when it does happen and the consumer is out of warranty it will be a frustrating ordeal.

Best Comparison

Fleck 5600sxt Metered On-demand 48,000 Grain Water Softener was the first unit that came to mind, mostly for the auto regeneration feature. The Morton Salt product has a better auto regeneration, and it actually finishes a lot quicker than the Fleck.

Fleck offers a better warranty, but when comparing customer service between the two companies they are both about the same. Prices match up well for both units, but the nod goes to Morton Salt for creating a more intelligent water softener with better algorithms to back it up.

Personal Opinion

Morton Salt is a trusted brand that brings it all to the table with this model, and it really delivers. There are plenty of auto regenerating units on the market, but not all of them do it well. This model not only does it well, but does it faster and better than any available.

The control panel is easy to understand and read, and the space saving upright design works in all situations. Included with the purchase is free technical support, and it isn’t the bad kind that has you on the phone for hours waiting on an operator. Users who are doing their own install may want to try using their own clamps rather than the included ones, just for security sake.

Because of the simplicity of the unit, install should not require a plumber, and a consumer of any skill level should be able to do the install themselves. Very detailed instructions are included to get you started, and they won’t lead you astray. If by chance a buyer runs across the problem with the control panel as mentioned before, it is as simple as replacing that piece by itself and the unit will be as good as new.

Price Changes Since Release

As a top of the line item, the price has stayed the same throughout the lifecycle of the product. Even with the different models from the same company, since these are considered high tier products the price won’t go any lower unless a consumer is really lucky and finds one somewhere.

They are always in stock, so there is no shortage now or even during the holidays or throughout the year. This is one of the safer items to take your time with deciding if you want to buy it or not, as it will always be available. Just don’t count on getting it at a bargain price.

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The design of this system alone should win customers over, with a professional appearance that doesn’t require professional installation. Customers of any level can install this water softener, and better yet the system learns the more you use it, so you save water and salt for the years to come. It is a little disappointing that the price isn’t a little more forgiving, but it isn’t so far out of reach to where it is overpriced. It is highly recommended to drink soft water that it is a healthy decision.

Buyers will be pleasantly surprised with the years they get out of this unit, and even more surprised with the wonderful customer support they receive from one of the biggest brands in the industry. This is a winner that no one who needs a water softener should pass up.