WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener Review

WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener ReviewThis is another compact water softener that takes into account users who don’t have the size requirements for a full size unit. It’s a medium priced option that that is also quiet in operation so that even in a smaller house there isn’t an annoying operating noise.

An entire house up to three rooms can be supported on this small unit, and the installation is quick and painless for consumers that just want to get started. Notably it has a set it and forget it design so that the most important functions hum along without user input.

Have great water that doesn’t cause staining throughout the house, and with extended use enjoy benefits of the original staining slowly going away as the hard water and pipes become cleaned with the newer water. It’s a small efficient unit that handles the same tasks as the big boys, but without taking up all of your space.

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WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener Overview

Brand Notoriety

Waterboss is still a new company in the business, but they have established themselves enough with their product that they have partnered with the likes of Ace, Home Depot, True Value and others. They also sell worldwide through other distributers, even though they are an Ohio based company. Their other specialized models are 950, 700 and 900.

Since their model is different than the others on the market there is a lot of information on the website not only about getting started with water softeners, but getting started with their specific brand. It is the easiest to install water softeners in the industry, and they’ve made a point of show the process in steps and how simple it is for all ages. All parts and service requests are handled quickly by their team, and the customer support is very quick and gracious with a reply, whether on the phone or through email.

When comparing their models to other brands there are some key differences that may turn customers in their favor, especially the ones that are scared away by the newness of the company. They’re very competitive yet can still be depended upon just as much as any other big companies.

Best Features

Starting with the ease of installation, which can be done in 4 steps, there are plenty of other features as well. The installation is as simple as connecting the plumbing, plugging in the transformer, setting the controller and adding the salt.

In this set it and forget it fashion there is little frustration from the consumer as they can be up and running in no time. On demand regeneration means that less water is wasted, and with a built in 20 micron whole house dirt and sediment filter less gets in than ever before, giving customers great tasting water and cleaner pipes all around. This is a seriously quiet machine, that even when regeneration makes less noise than the typical water softener. Even with the system being a hefty 70 pounds, the dimensions are only 18.8×14.8×25.8 inches. The on demand function helps with it using less water, and as a result it also uses less salt than traditional models.

There are two available types of solutions to use with the unit, and both are readily available. Whether using pellet or solar salt buyers will get the best results possible when taking advantage of the softening system.

Worst Features

With a new company, there is always that air of uncertainty from consumers that are used to long running corporations. The 3 year warranty included electronics, but is still considered a short warranty by water softener standards.

The media tank and outer cabinet do hold a 10 year warranty, but that would have been better applied to the whole unit. This model is one of the older models available in their line, and does not contain some of the newer features the company has been advertising. There are significant differences in the features missing the further you go up the ladder, with some of them being really big.

The weight isn’t a big deal unless it is on a place like a shelf that is a bit unsteady, in which case things can get a little interesting for the consumers when it goes to work.

Best Comparison

The WaterBoss 700 comes to mind, with the ability to soften 70 grains per gallon while reducing up to 10 ppm of filter dirt, iron and sediment. They market it as the solution for hard water conditions up to 95% when it offers whole house softening.

Like with all their models, the filter is built in so there are no cartridges to worry about changing. This by itself saves a ton of money and eventual headache if you don’t have a filter ready on standby.

Personal Opinion

The contracts that the company has secured with major retailers isn’t from dumb luck, but actual success with selling their product. The WaterBoss models of water softeners are the most user friendly additions to the market, and from a company that is innovative in the field and continues to take risks.

As the older model in their lineup this is still years ahead of many of the products that are on the market today, and is a prime solution for buyers that want something simple to use without dealing with the issues that can come with more complicated water softeners.

Install is so easy that YouTube videos aren’t even needed, which speaks to the tremendous production value of the unit. Also with the built in filter, that is one less expense to worry about, now and forever. There is a lot to love about this system and very little to hate. The warranty may scare some, but everything is in fine print so there are no hidden agendas. There are not going to be a lot of whole house softening options that can do what this little things can do, and at the same price. If buyers are looking for more power, then they can always look at the higher priced models.

Price Changes Since Release

Buyers will be out of luck if they are looking for a bargain on this model, or even the others. Because of how well these work it’s rare for the price to drop too much, and at the time of this writing the current model is unavailable.

That speaks to how popular it is and how well these units sell, so if one becomes available before the holidays it is a good idea to buy it before someone else does. These don’t last long before they sell out, and customers are very satisfied with their purchases.

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For a new company to be this established it means they have to be selling something that the general public really wants. That’s the case with WaterBoss and their products, which all come highly recommended.

Compact solutions like this don’t usually come with such a gleaming stamp of approval from several sources, consumers and businesses alike. The warranty could definitely use a little tweaking for the better, but there are not a lot of reports of breakdown anyway. This system should last you for years, and all without any major intervention from your end as you enjoy the new water.