Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener Review

Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener ReviewAs one of the lower costing solution for RV users on the market, this Watts unit is very specialized from the ground up and made for travel. It’s one of the most well reviewed RV water softeners available that is meant to last for more than 1 year. This durability has made it one of the top used RV water coolers available, and at such a lightweight the portability of the unit makes it suitable for multiple RV’s.

There aren’t many on the market that as this dependable, which explains why it is flying off of the shelves. Convenience takes place over bloated features, as users will be treated with an efficiency that can’t be matched easily. The included directions are all that a user needs to get started with enjoying this one of a kind portable unit and to reap the benefits of a great water softener.

Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener

Brand Notoriety

Founded in 1874 by Joseph E. Watts, Watts water technologies was first known as Watts Regulator company. They offer solutions in plumbing and flow controls, water quality and conditioning, water reuse and drainage, HVAC and municipal waterworks. This means they have products and services for agriculture and irrigation, healthcare, manufacturing and industrial, residential housing, foodservice and hospitality, marine, and commercial and educational. They have a wide reach and continues to do well across the board year after year.

Both their residential and business products come highly rated and continue to do well when compared to other products. The same great care that goes into the lowest in their product line is shown in their highest as well. Their notable brands are Watts, Aerco, Ames Fire & Waterworks, Blucher, BRAE, Dormont, Febco, HF scientific, Mueller steam specialty, Orion Fittings, Powers, Premier, Savard Plumbing Company, Sea Tech, SunTouch, tekmar Control Systems and Watts radiant. It’s really amazing how big the company is and how great the reputation continues to be after all the years. If buying a product from this company then consumers should be aware that they are getting some of the best in the industry with first class customer support.

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Best Features

The number 1 feature to mention is of course its portability, and at only 9 pounds just about anyone can carry it with them. This is essential if using it for more than 1 RV and sharing it, and with dimensions of 21×9.5×9 inches there are plenty of places to put it without it getting in the way. There are other portable water softeners in the market but a lot of them are actually pretty big and bulky, which defeats the purpose of the portable element.

The Y valve is on top of the unit and easy enough to get to, leaving out a lot of other complicated features that aren’t needed for a portable unit. The system is rated at 10,000 grains of hardness so regeneration isn’t as big of a pain as it would be in a lesser unit. The life of the system is unusually long since it is a travel unit, so expect this to be the only traveling water softener you’ll need for years, even if using it in multiple RV’s. And with the easy hookup and detachment options, users can be set up in minutes if the need to move it from one spot to another ever comes into play.

Worst Features

This is a manual unit, meaning that if you don’t know how to do the most basic of water softening duties, then there will be a lot of learning. Once up, the upkeep is minimal, but the getting started portion is the biggest headache for new users. The tank also has to be back flushed twice a year, requiring the user to swap the hose and replace the salt. It’s nowhere near as user friendly as home units, but there really aren’t any in the market that are yet. There is a long time to go before there is a travel water softener that will even be close to a home softener in terms of ease of use. Also the Y valve at the top can easily be broken, and there have been reports of it breaking off on contact when mishandled. It can be replaced for a small fee, but that is something to look out for if you move the water softener around a lot.

Best Comparison

Unfortunately there really isn’t a good comparison when it comes to travel water softeners. This is still the best on the market, and there has yet to be a real equal to it. For RV users this is the one to get, and with a little bit of reading of the manual and some practice it’s as efficient as any home water softener available. There may come a digital solution that is worthwhile, but even so it will still have to beat the durability and years of use that the Watts offers. It is the best water softening unit for RV’s available that can be bought at the current price range.

Personal Opinion

Since there really is no comparison, it is kind of a no brainer to get this system if you are an avid RV enthusiast. If going to a small summer home or cabin, parking the RV and removing it from the vehicle and hooking it up to the cabin is another added benefit that really can’t be matched by any on the market. Transitioning from a vehicle to a house and vice versa is such a quick install that once you do it a couple of times it becomes second nature.

Of course the manual back flushing and other non-automated features can be a bit of a pain for a consumer that is used to the modern solutions. But since this does a great job with hard water then it is more than worth the little bit of trouble for all the gallons of soft water you’ll be getting. It also works great as a backup unit in the home of someone that already has a water softener. The price is low enough to where a purchase as an emergency water softener makes sense, and since the hookup is so simple it makes it perfect in situations where consumers don’t want a fuss when changing everything out. I strongly recommend the readers to keep your health as a priority of course if you have health then you have a real life. Another thing is that hard water cannot be drunk as doctors’ prescribe ‘8 glasses a day‘.

Price Changes Since Release

There have been some price drops in the system over the years, and at some points it has even been in the lower price range when it is on sale. For now it has been stuck at the same price for a while now, but there have been changing in the price from month to month depending on where it is purchased from. You should go and buy the item whenever needed cause the need is more valuable than saving little amount. Health is first, rest of the things come afterwards.

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It’s not often that a system is so widely unchallenged by other competitors that it becomes this dominant. That is the case with this water softener, which really is in a league of its own and worth every penny spent on it. There are some challenges to get over with the Y valve, but other than that this is a must have item for many consumers.